Cashback community TV™

5,000+ channels

major us city local channels


The Cashback Community TV™ is the fastest growing TV service around. With so many extra incentives and upgrades, it combines the best features of Live TV and Streaming Services to provide an enjoyable viewing experience.

We have a fast loading, high-quality streams that do not require a fast internet speed. We also have outstanding customer service, fast responses, and quick activations. Get better quality and more for your money.

• Premium Cable Channels
• Premium Movie Channels
• PPV Events
• Latino Channels
• International Channels
• All Major Sport Packages

When using Cashback Community TV™. When you purchase your service you will be allowed to use the service on the number of devices provided in the package you purchased. You ARE NOT allowed to use the TV service on more than one ( 1 ) IP address at a time. If your IP address changes you will have 24 hours to contact Customer Service to let us know that you are traveling. Failure to contact Customer Service within 24 hours will result in the shutoff of your service until you contact Customer Service. Using more than one IP address is STRICTLY PROHIBITED!

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You DO NOT need VPN Software

Our super high-speed servers are auto VPN protected, therefore our members do not need VPN software to watch the streaming with a very high quality

helpful tips & reminders


If you are planning on traveling and taking your FireStick or using Cashback Community TV on your mobile devices which will show a new IP address, you MUST contact Customer Service to let us know that you will be traveling and using another IP address to access your account while traveling!


We offer support for the duration of your subscription via Text Chat
+1 863 591 3895 (WhatsApp)
and email at
Email support may take up to 12 hours for a response


MAC accounts are 1 device only the MAC you use with your purchase cannot be changed after purchase. The device limitations is strictly enforced for the number of devices in your package violations of these terms will result in account ban and NO REFUND


Accounts usually take 30 minutes to activate however some accounts are activated much later an email with your username and login will be sent immediately after your account has been activated.


It is prohibited for you to share your user name and password with anyone who is not using your IP address. If your account shows more than 1 IP address being used, your service will be disconnected and both IP address will lose connectivity. You will have to contact customer service to have your Cashback Community TV™ service restored.


In order to keep the services running at its best you may experience intermittent down time for maintenance and upgrades. In no way is IPTV perfect, so there will be channels without guide information sometime and other minor issues from time to time. Please understand the difference in cost from the regular cable; our service will not be flawless.

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